Monday, June 28, 2010


Collierville murder-for-hire investigation closed after suicide - WMC-TV: News, Weather, Traffic, Radar, and Sports for Memphis, TN; |

click on the link above to see what his life ended like after a lifetime of harming everyone his life touched and after you read this below.
Kenny Glenn my Husband's Best Friend and business partner shot and killed himself after he hired a person to kill someone. I've known Kenny for 40 yrs and my Husband did wonderful things for Kenny for 40 yrs. Starting the day my Husband Ronnie was killed Kenny has been trying to steal for the past 11 yrs land on Goodman Rd that belongs to my Husband from Elizabeth and me. He was never a friend to anyone, not even hisself. He hired a man to kill another man. Kenny gave him $600.00 a gun with bullets and told him to shoot the man in the head and the heart. This is what a man like Kenny is capable of doing to a widow, a fatherless child and another man. This is only a small part of what Kenny's life was like and how he treated every life his life touched. Read this article it will turn your blood cold. I am ok but this bad person is not ever going to hurt another SOUL, THANK GOD. HIS LIFE , HIS INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER STOOD AS A WARNING FOR EVERYONE HIS LIFE TOUCHED. IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR KENNY GLENN AND HIS ACTIONS MY HUSBAND WOULD STILL BE ALIVE TODAY PLUS ALL THE THINGS KENNY HAS DONE TO ME FOR THE LAST 11 YRS AFTER MY HUSBAND WAS KILLED BECAUSE OF KENNY. IT'S A GOOD THING I DIDN'T WIN THE LAND WHILE HE WAS LIVING BECAUSE IF HE WILL HAVE SOMEONE KILLED FOR NOT WORKING FOR HIM I'M SURE HE WOULD HAVE HIRED SOMEONE TO KILL ME OVER $200,000.00 WORTH OF LAND HE COULDN'T STEAL FROM ME. I TURNED IT OVER TO THE THE LORD AFTER READING IN THE BIBLE IF A PERSON HARMS A WIDOW OR FATHERLESS CHILD IT'S LIKE HEAPING HOT COALS ON YOUR HEAD FOR ALL ETERNITY. KENNY NOW IS YOUR ETERNITY. I LEFT IT IN THE LORDS HANDS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED. THE ONLY QUESTION I HAVE NOW IS.... KENNY AFTER ALL THE THINGS YOU DID TO HURT EVERYONE YOUR LIFE TOUCHED IS IT HELPING YOU NOW? WAS YOUR GOOD TIMING AND HURTING EVERYONE ON EARTH WORTH THE FUN YOU SEEMED TO HAVE DOING IT IN THE END AND NOW FOR ETERNITY?