Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Then is the time to do what each of us can to help the ones in need. You never know when the shoe will be on the other foot and you will be the one who will be needing the help.  I believe in karma and what goes around will surely come around. 

Today one of my Honey's oldest friends called. He had been living in his sister's house who was in a nursing home. She died and the family took it away from him. He is now living with his son who talked him into putting his name on his bank account. Well need I say more the son took his money and the man is 84 yrs old.  We went to visit him and he told us how bad his son was treating him. We got his bank account fixed back with only his name on it. Tomorrow my Honey is taking him to the VA Hospital and get him started into the system so he can go to a living assistant home free of charge in Humboldt Tn. where he will be taken care of , where he will have a social life and he won't have his son mistreating him and he will be able to keep the money that he has worked all his life for and get first rate health care. The VA living assistant home in Humboldt is one of the best. I use to work in one and they really are a fun place to be for the residents and most of all, all of their needs are taken care of in a kind environment with lots of social activity. 

I got my diamond ring remounted today and it is beautiful. My Honey got it fixed for me. We also went to a little country store and ate on the patio next to the most beautiful rose garden I have ever seen. It had every color rose bush I have ever seen in it. I just love fall days colored leaves and summer flowers still blooming. 

I cleaned my pool and put chemicals in it today to keep it that Hawaiian Blue. I fed my horses. Since my Honey fenced in my wooded lot all I have to do is go down to the brick house by the lake and start calling them and they come running. They know it means hay and sweet feed and lots of brushing and petting. 

I had a nice visit this morning from my friend I use to work with. We sat in my back yard and watched the sun coming over my trees as the fountain in my pool sprayed up making rainbows in the sunlight. It was a great start to a nice day. 

My aunt has been pretty happy today watching the news, reading the paper and puttying around the house. 

My daughter is off work and gone to dance class. She has some new dance shoes she is anxious to dance in. She takes ballet, modern, jazz, African, hip hop and ball room. I love to dance and have danced all my life. I learned from my aunt that my mother was the best dancer around her home town. We all get it from her. My mom died when I was 8 yrs old so I only know what my family tells me abut her. 

I'm fixing to watch the Presidential Debate and watch my man give it his best tonight. Yesterday My Honey and I went to the head quarters for some signs and bumper stickers for our home. My Honey was a Big Political figure before he retired. While we were at the head quarters we were ask to have a Big Political Rally at our Ranch. My Honey told them sure they could certainly have it there. As the plans progress I will be talking more about it. 

Until later happy trails and lots of peace and happiness to all of you bloggers out there. 

Love Judy Pearl


  1. I hope your friend is well taken care of. He should be with wonderful friends such as yourself.
    Take care and thanks for the visit. I shall return to your reads as well,

  2. I love the pictures on your sidebar Judy. We have a neighbor that has just one peacock and he bonds, well tries to bond with their Hugs, Kelly

  3. That is horrible what the son did to his elderly Dad. So glad yall are there to help straighten things out for him. Hugs, Kelly