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I've finished my school as a Docent and graduated. I'm undertaking a new area in my lifestyle. I'm starting to date on a free dating web sight. I'm writing my experiences down here in my journal as I have them. I think it will be a hoot to go back and read about each person, how each in counter went, the things we did and my first impressions after several months or a yr. from now.

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I guess this is kind of like " sex in the city " except I'm naming my experiences " DREAMS OF MEETING MY LIFETIME PRINCE SOUL MATE "

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Plenty Of Fish..... and there are more fish here than in all the rivers and seas in the world.

I have been on this free sight for 2 weeks and talk to many men, searched their pics, their words and their thoughts. I've met 3 men out somewhere and these are my experiences so far.

The first one was named " memphissingle" He was a very nice gentleman and took me out to a seafood rest. I had a glass of wine and he had sweet tea oysters and shrimp. I had oysters one of my favorite. We agreed to meet again and go to the Orpheum and see Cats. I've never see Cats and he hasn't either. We both are looking forward to dressing up and seeing this show. I was much more talkative and out going than he is but it was a pleasant encounter and I enjoyed dinner and the time I did spend with him but I had to do all the talking. He did not have any wow factor at all but a very nice guy. I'm looking forward to seeing Cats and giving it one more try. He did need a lot of dental work and that turned me off a lot. He did say he was having that done so we will see how that goes also.

The next guy was bluehawk. He drove 2 and 1/2 hrs to get here and that much to get back to meet me. He was very nice and out going very romantic and I had a little more physical attraction to him. He treated me very nice and when I said with my body language that is enough he took all the hints and left like a gentleman should . I had one drink of a margarita with him over several hrs. together. We listened to music, danced and did some snuggling but he had bad teeth too and looked very weathered, not really my type but I did enjoy his company and his chose of music and having someone to snuggle just a few moments with. He wasn't a match but I still talk to him

The last date I've had was tonight. He was named " Yeeehi." We met at Tom Lee Park and watched the river at about 4pm . He's a truck driver and did not really smell good. He also looked like a hippie from back in the 60's. Well I decided to make the best of it. It was hot as a pepper patch so we got a Popsicle when the popsicle man came by the park. I took some pics of the river and talked with him for a while. We then went up to Beale St had a Dyers Hamburger famous since 1912. We then went over to Handy Park and listened to some great blues music in the park. We sat on the side of Beale after a while and I had one drink from Wet Willies. I left my car parked in Tom Lee Park so at about 9 p.m. I was tired and had him drive me back to my car. It was a fun night but he's not my type and really didn't have great hygiene even though he was very nice I'm just not into hippies or the look any longer. I Thanked him and we held hands but I just couldn't hug or kiss him.. I took some great pics of the river and what went on in the park and we both had a nice evening.

At this moment I have " Gold wing guy " trying to im me but I'm ignoring the im because he wants me to go on a Harley Davison riding with him tomorrow. He's an air pilot also but I'm not to sure about jumping on the back of a Harley with a completely stranger. My enter voice is telling me to pass this adventure up or at least meet him on something besides his Harley the first time. I am always going to listen to my enter voice that's God speaking to me.

I have had one big disappointment since I started this. A very handsome man talked to me all night one night and was moving here to memphis in a month. He was so charming on the phone so handsome and talked like a great person. We had a lot in common but after two days of talking with him I had a few signs of he's cheating. I made him confess and yes he has a regular girlfriend. We had a date set to go somewhere with white linen cloth red wine and a very classy place this Monday night for fine dining. He looked so much like my type and what I was attracted to but..... I told him no I would not meet him and broke the date because I'm not dating anyone married or who has anyone who is going to be put top priority over me. I'm looking for friends and unattached men to have fun with and in the end to find my soul mate that we can fall deeply in love with.

I've had this twice in my life and I've fallen in love at first sight twice. I know this type of love exist and I'm praying to God to help me find this person once again. I have faith when the time is right he will walk right into my sight and I will know it just like I did with the other two loves of my life the moment I lay eyes on him but until them I'm still fishing and have my nets, bate and all my fishing equipment in tip top shape. lol

What's so cute is my girlfriend made me a pair of earrings out of fishing corks. She put the fishing swivel onto the top of the plastic red fishing cork and put an earring hook on to the top of the fishing swivel and it makes the cutest earrings for fishing for a man than you could possible think of wearing. So now I'm bob bob bobbing along fishing for men with my fishing plastic cork bob earrings. I will post a pic when I can get one up of me in these earrings. So until my next dating adventure I'm signing off ......A Southern Pearl The Starfish: Looking For A Fine Gentleman to share myself with

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I know my Rhea is out there under the same blue sky as I am and l'm not giving up until I find him. I have the eye or the tiger and faith that God will always give me my hearts desires.

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