Sunday, March 7, 2010


My Docent class at the zoo feeding the giraffe's. I'm the one in the dark coat.


This is Sherry (class mate I clicked with from the the beginning ) feeding the
giraffe in the pic below.


Yesterday we were with the primates.
(Some types of Monkeys and humans are the only things on earth that Mates with only one certain male for life. Monkeys do a better job of it than Humans.) :-P

Every morning the monkeys come out and go to each side of their habitats and yell, their neighbor on each side yells back. After they do that to each side of their area and every neighbor yells from every side of their habitat they all go to the middle of their habitats and eat until they get full then they swing and play until they get tired. The rest of the time they groom each other. At night they eat again, go to each side of their habitat and yell to each of their neighbors. When they all answer they go in and go to bed.

They do this in the wild too. One male with their one special female for life and their babies always stay as a family in their own certain area. They never cross over to each others area. They only yell at each other to make sure they are over there. In this video the monkeys in the end with the big throats are the ones that do all the yelling. They mark their area by urine so other males and their families doesn't come into each others area. It's awesome to hear them calling all over the zoo and watching them. Here's the video primate video

Elizabeth wanted her cast off so I showed her how we could take it


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